SAPPe care about your health

Features & Overviews

The Sappe is portable air purifier, that you can carry with you anywhere. You can take it with you in university, work, cafe in any place where you have risk get virus. Dimension of device give possibility easy travel with it, and decrease risk get ecsotic virus.


The SAPPe can be easily carried and placed anywhere.

Save money

If you will ill you lose a lot of money for medicine. The Sappy can help save money and time


Air Filtration

Reducing unfiltered air while minimizing indoor pollution sources can help shield your home


The SAPPe it the product that is not harmful to the environment


Simple and clean design

We try create simple disign for using anywheare

  • Easy to use.
  • Light
  • Compact design

Why The SAPPe?

  • Save you and your family from viruses in different seasons
  • Catches micto particles thet cause allegory
  • Quiet in use
  • Portable
  • UV led which safety for healther

The Best Air Purifier For Your Health